In celebration of the Golden Anniversary of PNUNL, infrastructures in the campus have finally been inaugurated today, July 26.

The event, dubbed as Panangiyalnag, has been graced by Pres. Bert J. Tuga, VP Lordinio A. Vergara and VP Harry P. Huliganga who joined the campus officials led by Dr. Leticia N. Aquino, EDP at the inauguration of the IP Village, Balai ti Alumni and Innovation Hub.
Moreover, the Coffee Table Book and Partuat e-Journal were presented by Prof. Donna B. Remigio and Dr. Roldan S. Cardona respectively.
Meanwhile, the IP Village featured various indigenous houses in the region, such as Ifugao, Ivatan, and Kalinga. An open house ensued in the Balai ti Alumni which was erected through the concerted efforts of the campus alumni under the leadership of the Alumni Association president, Hon. Garry Galutera.
Also, the officials also inaugurated the 4-storey Innovation Hub envisioned to become the laboratory for living traditions and indigenous peoples education.
During the three-part inauguration ceremony, Dr. Tuga capsulized the event with the word gratus to express his gratitude for the people behind the successful construction of the infrastructures and completion of the coffee table book and e-journal.
Finally, the event followed the necessary health protocols implemented in the locality.