PHASE II: Entry to Course/ Majorships

In their first year, all students are enrolled in general education courses. Student are required to attend to Orientation Program for majorship and fill up course choice form indicating their three (3) top choices for majorship. Afterwards, they have to take the Qualifying Exam in a majorship of their choice.

Final admission in any of the chosen courses is based on the following criteria specified by the Academic Programs:

  1. Grade requirement
  2. Passing the Qualifying Examinations
  3. Passing the Oral Interview
  4. Other requirements as specified by the program concerned




(Local and Foreign)

        As a government-funded institution, the Philippines Normal University opens its doors to students who have started their tertiary studies in other colleges and universities. The admission of these students governed by the following existing policies on accreditation:

Rule 1. A course or subject taken in a recognized institution regarded as a reasonable equivalent to a course or subject in the PNU curriculum will be given full credit provided that the grade obtained is at least 85%, 2.0 or “B”. ( This is subject to Rule 2.)

Rule 2. No PNU diploma will be granted to a student unless s/he has completed the required courses or at least 50% of the total number of units taken in the two (2) years of  residence in the University.

The specific policies to transferees are as follows:

  1. Upon application. The applicant submits such valid credentials such as:
    • Transcripts of Records
    • Honorable Dismissal
    • Birth Certificates
    • Certificates of Good Moral Character from the Dean of Student Affairs of the school of origin
    • Two (2) copies of “2×2” pictures taken in the past six (6) months
  2. Applicants with academic deficiencies (Incomplete, Failure/s, Unauthorized Withdrawal and Dropped) in any subject or who have been refused admission in the previous school for disciplinary reasons will be treated the same and will not be qualified for admission.
  3. The applicant should pass the PNUAT, oral interview, and medical examination.
  4. The applicant must take all the education and majorship courses at PNU.
  5. All transferees are considered probationary during their first semester/ term in the University. Failure in six (6) units will render him/ her ineligible for enrolment in the second semester/ term.
  6. Admission of transferees is subjected to availability of slots as well as the quota specified by the University.



  1. A formal letter of application addressed to the University President seeking admission to undergraduate program to be reviewed by the Dean/ Associate Dean/ Institute Director.
  2. A written Personal History Statement with photocopy of Passport (original Passport should be presented).
  3. *Student Visa (Photocopy)
  4. Alien Certificate of Registration (Photocopy)
  5. Police Clearance from the country of origin/ National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) clearance.
  6. Applicants must have TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC certificate.
  7. Red Ribbon Copy of TOR with Certified English Translation (For Foreign Students coming from Foreign University).

*Transferring Foreign Students from Local University.



  1. Minor / basic subjects with the same course descriptions will be credited. Original Transcript of Records with remarks stated as “Copy of PNU” or “Granted Honorable Dismissal” must be submitted.
  2. A recommended from the Executive Director & Provost is needed.
  3. Transferees should not have been dismissed by the school of origin.
  4. Admission is subject to availability of slots.




For Returnees:

Returnees (who have fielded an official leave of Absence and for Read-mission) and students for re-admission must get approval and permit for re-admission from the University Registrar to be signed by the Associate Deans Directors/ Deans.

For Cross-Enrollees:

Cross-Enrollees from other institution shall be admitted to the University only upon presentation of a written permit from the University Registrar. The permit shall state the total number of units to be taken by the students and the subject/s s/he is authorized to take In the University.



  1. Medical Certificate from other s/he passed the medical examination as attested by the PNU Medical Officer
  2. Original Form 138 (High School Report Card) or Form 137
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Principle of the Guidance Counselor
  4. Submitted credentials should be checked by the Office of Admissions to ensure authenticity and completeness. Any falsification of such documents constitutes a ground for disqualification for enrolment
  5. Duly accomplished Student’s Information Sheet
  6. Upon submission of such requirements a student receives a Notice of Admission to be presented to be presented to the Enrolment Adviser.



The University adopts an efficient, fast, and systematic registration and enrolment procedure. A student must be official enrolled in order to receive credit for the course work.

Policy Guidelines and Conditions

  1. On-line Enrolment of Incoming Freshmen
    • Go to MIS Office to activate your student’s portal.
    • Upon activities of your student’s portal, log-in to for online enrolment
    • Tick the check box corresponding to subjects assigned to you and click save.
    • Double check if all subjects are included and click asses.
    • Print the assessment from. Present this form whenever you pay in PNU Cashier’s office or to any Landbank Branches.
    • In case you cannot see the enlisted subjects in your students portal kindly go to your respective batch advisers.
  2. On-line Enrolment of Regular Students
    • Log-in to student’s portal at
    • Tick the check box corresponding to subjects assigned to you and click save.
    • Double check if all subjects are included and click asses.
    • Print the assessment form. Present this form whenever you pay in PNU Cashier’s office or to any Landbank Branches.