ELENA A. NAVAS, Ph.D., is Full Professor VI in Linguistics at Philippine Normal University North Luzon where she is currently designated as Campus Executive Director and Provost.

She teaches at the Faculty of Teacher Development (FTD) and is an adjunct lecturer of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Teacher Education Research (FGSTER).  Prior to her present post, she also served as Head of the Graduate Studies (2004 – 2007) where she was responsible for the 1st publication of Graduate Studies Journal.  She also served as Director of the Office of Planning, Research and Extension of the campus from 2007-2011.   During her short stint as Director, she published printed versions of the Research and Extension Journal (REL) for both faculty and students.

She earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics with specialization in Applied Linguistics and a Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching at Philippine Normal University, Manila.  She also earned her Master of Arts in Education with specialization in Educational Administration at Isabela Colleges, Cauayan City.

Dr. Navas is an advocate of quality indigenous peoples education working closely with organizations of the same advocacy.  The 1st International and 2nd International Research Conference that she spearheaded chartered PNU North Luzon in the country and some parts of the world.  This conference also led to the creation of RIPENet (Rise for Indigenous Peoples Education Network).  It was during her leadership that the academic achievement of PNU North Luzon was elevated, first as Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and one of the Best Performing Schools in Licensure Examination.

Among her works include Experiences of IP students with low income in Navigating College, Knowledge, Skills and Values Framework Inclusion in Teacher Preparation Curriculum, and Language Revitalization.