JOSIE JORDAN G. ROSETE, MAEd,  is a faculty of a premiere teacher education institution in the region, Philippine Normal University North Luzon. She is currently designated as Program Chair to the English unit of the university and served as the Adviser of the official student publication, The Torch North Luzonian, for several years. Having finished on top of her class in both elementary and secondary levels, she graduated Cum Laude in 2007 in her degree course Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. She has also completed her Master of Education in English Language Teaching in the same institution.

Professor Rosete trained English teachers in Region 2 for the K to 12 Curriculum after successfully completing the rigors of the National Training of Trainers for Grades 7, 9 and 10 through the Department of Education. Moreover, she completed the Training of GE Trainors for the GE Core Course on Purposive Communication allowing her to work with top caliber English language teachers in the country. She has also presented researches in international fora, served as Resource Speaker in various seminars and workshops, conducted LET Review in English and became a trusted editor of researches and other academic papers.Aside from her passion for English language teaching, her enthusiasm for music is also evident through her being part of the PNU-NL Kalibnusan Chorale. She has also co-authored a book for MAPEH which is in national circulation.

Currently, she is completing her degree for PhD in English Language Education at Philippine Normal University Manila, a customized scholarship program for PNU faculty members, under the Research Capability Building Scholarship Program.