Elma Bautista-Siyang, MAEd, is a faculty of Philippine Normal University North Luzon Campus.  She is currently serving as a faculty under the Faculty of Teacher Education. Prior to her current post, she served as a Head of the Knowledge Management Office (KMO) and a former adviser of the TORCH North Luzonian.

Prof. Bautista is currently taking up PhD in Literature at De La Salle University. She’s working on a dissertation on Ilokano literature and mobility. She also completed her academic requirements for PhD in Language Education at Cagayan State University-Andrews Campus. She obtained her Master of Arts in English at Saint Ferdinand College and her Bachelor of Elementary Education with concentration in English at Philippine Normal University North Luzon Campus.

Her current research interest focuses on the theory and practice of post-colonialism and cosmopolitanism. Her professional attention is on Ilokano literature, migration and globalization as well as language pedagogy. She continues to teach language and education courses.