JERRY B. TOLENTINO, MAEd, is an Associate Professor of PNU North Luzon under the Faculty of Teacher Development teaching Mathematics in the graduate and undergraduate levels for almost twenty-one years.

Professor Tolentino is currently on dissertation writing pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics Education at Philippine Normal University Manila.  His ongoing dissertation is on the development of an ethno-pedagogy in mathematics suited for the indigenous learners in Northern Luzon.  He joined immersion studies at the Education University of Hong Kong and presented papers at the same university. He also finished his academic requirements for a Ph.D. in Educational Management at the University of La Salette, Santiago City.  He obtained his Masters of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics from the University of La Salette and his Bachelor of Secondry Education Major in Mathematics and Minor in General Science at Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.

He is an advocate of indigenous mathematics education.  His researches and projects focus on indigenous studies. He also published a research on IP education in an international research journal. He continues to teach Mathematics, General Education subjects, and Professional Education subjects in the undergraduate level. He was also a Regional Trainer in the Mass Training of Grade 10 Mathematics Teachers in the Department of Education and an author of mathematics books utilized by students in the tertiary level