JOHN JERRY HERIBERTO A. FRANCISCO, MAEd, is a faculty of Philippine Normal University North Luzon. He is currently serving as the Head of the Facilities Management and Auxiliary Services (FMAS). He graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Music Education at PNU Manila. He also holds a master’s degree in Educational Management at PNU-NL.

As a sports enthusiast, he was varsity of the men’s volleyball team of PNU Manila, and eventually became a coach and trainer of the PNU Laboratory High School Boys’ Volleyball Team. With music as his passion, he was a member, pianist, and assisting conductor to PNU Chorale, one of the most prestigious choirs in the Philippines. Consequently, Prof. Francisco became the choir conductor and trainer of PNU Kalibnusan Chorale of PNU-NL. In his tutelage, the group competed in various local, national and international competitions one of which is the 4th Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival held in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Through his leadership and genuine love for chorale music, he was awarded as one of the Outstanding Isabelinos for Chorale Music by the Isabela Culture and Awards Committee.  He continues to set the bar higher in his professional career and chorale music to contribute to the development of PNU-NL as the seat of education of the indigenous peoples.