MADONNA GONZALES, Ph.D., currently holds an Associate Professor rank at Philippine Normal University North Luzon Campus under the Faculty of Teacher Education Department. She received her BSE major in Physical Education at PNU Manila in 1993 and later pursued her Master’s degree in Physical Education in the same University in 2002. Shefurther spread her wings and earned a Doktor Pendidikan Olahraga degree at a foreign University, the Universitas Negeri Jakarta at Jakarta, Indonesia under the PNU Faculty Development Customized Scholarship program from 2015-2019.

Her two decades of experience handling Service and Pre-Service PE courses gave her a stint in the pool of book writers for the Grade 9 PE Learners’ Material and Teachers’ manual in 2013 now being used in the country for the K-12 curriculum of the Department of Education. 

She further spread her writing influence by being part of the pool of module writers for the SPIMS (Sa Pilipinas, Ikaw ang Ma’am, Sir) Program of PNU and DOLE. She has done researches like “Physical Activity of PNUAns” and “Tracer Study of Physical Education Major Graduates of PNU North Luzon” which were presented in international fora and published in online journals.

Ms. Gonzales is also a prolific extension worker as she heralded the brainchild Project CoRP (Community Recreation Program) one of the University’s extension programs, which offers variety of active recreational activities to selected clienteles in nearby communities. She also renders invaluable service to the Local Government as the organizer of the annual Street Dancing Competitions. Moreover, she is consistently tapped as judge to various competitions within and outside the municipality where she works.

As an educator, Ms. Gonzales believes that sports reveal character; character defines LIFE! This impelled her to write an instructional material in teaching sports entitled “LEARN.PLAY.TEACH Sports V1.0 and V1.2” for future Physical Educators. She also finished an instructional material covering lessons in PATHFIT 2 for service PE classes in college.

When she is not glued in the four corners of the classroom, she spends her time actively at home by engaging in household chores, simple work-outs, and cooking. At present, she is advocating a physically active lifestyle and plans to magnify the advocacy to school children by means of a Physical Activity Program before, during, and after school hours. She can be reached at gonzales.mc@pnu.edu.ph.