The PNUNL Faculty of Teacher Development (FTD) through the Flexible Learning Implementation Review conducted September 20-21 via Zoom reviewed the flexible learning implementation and delivery in the previous school year with the intent to revise and plan for the upcoming resumption of classes.  

In the first day, the results of the PNUNL Flexible Learning Experience Survey Report presented by Dr. Roldan S. Cardona, the Associate Dean of FGSTERIPED provided the much-needed data in the review process. Also essential was the review of the process in preparing the materials for instruction which Prof. Donna B. Remigio, Head of PMDO, shared with the group.

Further, processes in encoding grades, student completion of grades, and dropping and enrolment were clarified through Dr. Ma. Lina P. Sario, University Registrar. Meanwhile, the upcoming school year will usher a new scheduling of courses using the 12-week scheme as revealed by Dr. Julievic D. Palting, Associate Dean of FTD.

Consequently, the faculty geared up in preparing course syllabi with the help of Dr. Lordinio A. Vergara, VP URA and previous OIC to the office of the Executive Director and Provost. Dr. Vergara emphasized paradigm shifting in the new normal teaching saying that Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) goes beyond mere use of technology in teaching.

Eventually, the sharing of Dr. Vergara fueled the workshop of the group which ended with a presentation and critiquing of output. Professional exchanges added to the development of more OBE-responsive tasks and content in teaching.   

Ably supervised by Dr. Leticia N. Aquino, Executive Director and Provost, and spearheaded by Dr. Madonna C. Gonzales, the review ended with a hopeful note in the future implementation of flexible learning through the reflections of representatives from various units of the FTD.