The Linkages and International Office promotes the university’s internationalization and competitiveness through strategic linkage and joint partnership with national and international universities and professional networks advancing the field of teacher education and allied disciplines.

The LIO manages the University’s faculty and student exchange, international students and institutional consortia. It is responsible for advancing the University’s presence in relevant national and international academic communities.



Strategic Framework for Internationalization

This refers to the strategy framework for internationalization. To achieve this goal, PNU will pursue the following strategies each represented by a circle:

  1. Increasing number of international faculty and students
  2. Positioning PNU by aggressively promoting the international visibility of PNU faculty and students
  3. Packaging of programs for international audience (on and off shore)
  4. Increasing publication in international journals and
  5. Pursuing high impact international research collaboration



The Linkages and International Office has three (3) C’s that serve as guiding principles to realize the four (4) major functions of the faculty. The first C is Connect which means establishing linkages within and outside the University. The second C is Collaborate which refers to working together with the partner universities both national and international. The third C is Commence which emphasizes implementation of the conceived programs and initiatives.