Philippine Normal University-North Luzon, through its Knowledge Management Office Head, Prof. Jandy S. Danzalan, conducted training of faculty on flexible teaching dubbed as ‘Gearing up for the Next Normal’ in preparation for Academic Year 2021-2022 which was held on September 27-30, 2021.

Six sessions comprised the training; Day 1 started with the 1st Session which was on Flexible Learning Guidelines on the Use of Default Apps presented by Dr. Julievic D. Palting, the Associate Dean of FTD. She emphasized the need to use Google classroom as the default app in preparation for the migration to PNUNL-owned LMS for the next term to come.

Prof. Danzalan discussed ‘Revisiting the Faculty PWEBBS account’ for the Session 2. He assisted faculty members in logging in their accounts and reviewed the features and functions of the PWEBBS. As part of the session, faculty members downloaded their class lists and uploaded e-certificates at the same time. Furthermore, for Session 3, Prof. Danzalan guided the attendees on ‘Walkthrough on Gclassroom,’ a way to prepare them on ePNU, the LMS to be used for the next terms.

‘Assessment in the New Normal: Basics of Gform’ and ‘Getting Ease of Docs Files: How to Make Word Documents with Templates’ were Sessions 4 and 5 respectively, tackled by Dr. Roldan Cardona, the Associate Dean of FGSTER and a faculty from the Math Unit. In Session 4, Dr. Cardona reviewed how to create quizzes using Google form and shared his knowledge on additional features such as timer and passcodes.

The last session was on ‘Setting up Virtual Classroom: Maximizing the Features of Zoom App’ by Prof. Danzalan. His presentation highlighted the features of Zoom that faculty can use on their synchronous session to maximize the Zoom premium accounts given my all PNU faculty members.

Faculty members worked asynchronously on September 28 and 29 to design the Gclassrooms of the course they handled, to make a Google form of their pretests, to design word documents with template, and to create Zoom links for their classes.

September 30 was for the closing program and presentation of outputs. 8 faculty members were chosen to deliver their reflections and statement of commitment and to present their outputs. Among these 8, the common denominator of their messages was their gratitude to the organizers for conducting the webinar in preparation for Academic Year 2021-2022 which is to commence on October 4th. “Indeed, we are ready for the Ikalawang Sagwan sa Bagong Kadawyan,” said one of the attendees.